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South Moreton PTA 


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Facebook - South Moreton PTA and Twitter - @SouthMoretonPTA

Here is an update about South Moreton School PTA plans and events, and a request for your assistance to help us achieve our goals! Our ongoing aim is to raise about £10,000 each year to provide extras for the school and our children’s education. The PTA funds help to buy books, IT equipment, transport for school trips, contribute towards the costs of the International Weeks and other items that the teachers and our children need.

Last school year we had events such as the Christmas Fun Day, School Discos, Bingo Night, Quiz Night, School Camp Out and we hope there will be more to come this year…

Call for new members!

Some members of the PTA have served for many years and will step down at the forthcoming AGM in October. It would be great to see some new parents join the committee so please do let us know if you would be interested. The AGM will be on Tuesday 6th October in the Small Hall, please come along if you can.

Year Reps

The other thing we would like to do more this year is utilise Year Reps to help with communication between the PTA committee and parent year groups. One or two Year Reps for each class would be fantastic and would really help with organising events. They can also organize information within the year parent groups such as contact detail distribution lists, group Facebook pages etc. If you would be interested in being a Year Rep do let us know via your class teacher, a PTA member or the office staff. Current Year Rep information is listed below and we have several gaps.

We look forward to keeping the fund raising going for SMS and providing fun events for the children and parents as we move into a new school year. We are likely to need some extra helping hands this year so please support us in any way you can!

Contacting the PTA

We would love to see new parents join the PTA group, we are a very friendly team who work hard to do the best we can for our school. Please feel free to contact any member of the committee with your feedback, ideas or support. You do not have to attend a PTA meeting to do this (although that would be great!) - feel free to approach a member of the PTA at the school gate, via the school office, at ‘South Moreton PTA’ Facebook group
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PTA Committee members

Christina Robinson – Chair
Sharon Clarke – Treasurer
Dermot McNulty – Secretary

Nadia Permogorov - Governor Rep to the PTA

Amanda Smith – Head Teacher

Lyn Cracknell - SMS Staff/PTA Rep

Louise Manfredi – Parent member

Rosie Rand – Parent member

Lisa Brown – Parent member

Adam Lydiate – Parent member

Claire Brown – Parent member

Carly Santer – Parent member

Tanya Abrahams – Parent member

Sandra Mianda – Parent member

Irene Corrs – Parent member


Year Reps

Acorns: Apryl Wadley, Louise Manfredi

Cherry: Volunteer/s needed

Maple: Louise Manfredi

Beech: Jane Gwinnell, Penny Gilbert

Willow: Volunteer/s needed

Chestnut: Adam Griffiths

Oak: Volunteer/s needed







PTA meeting minutes and AGM report

Keep up to date with the latest PTA information at http://www.south-moreton.oxon.sch.uk/index.php/parents-page/prisms


 Most recent minutes  and   AGM report.


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