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 Mrs Smith

Assisted by Mrs Sawyer


In 2016 we gave all our classes new names.  Our Year Two class is now called Robins, previously known as Maple.


The main phonics scheme used by our Foundation and Key Stage One pupils is Jolly Phonics with other supporting materials.

Curriculum Map and Timetable





The children have settled into Year 2 fantastically and we have had a great first term in Robin class. This term we had forest school which we loved. We climbed trees, made dens, made clay seed bombs and created pictures using nature.

term1 001 term1 002]

term1 003



We created self-portraits using natural objects.

term1 004 term1 005


One afternoon the whole class even started their own rock band!

term1 006


As our topic was ‘Change’ we measured our heights at the start of the term and again at the end to see if we had grown. Many of us had!

term1 007 term1 008


We were very lucky to be visited by the Olympic gold medal rower Matt Langridge. He showed us the medals he had won and told us all about his training leading up to the Olympics.

term1 009 term1 010



In Topic we learnt all about how transport had changed over the years. In particular, we looked at the inventions of the train, car and aeroplane. We then created our own information book about transport.





Maths is fun Year 2    Spelling is fun Years 1&2

Term 5


In Term 5 we were lucky enough to be visited by the Paralympian Ryan Raghoo. He told us about his life and inspired us all to follow our dreams. We then worked with him completing some fitness circuits. We were all really tired!

term5 001


This term we also had a little look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We then created our own artwork on the playground based on his style.

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term5 004 term5 005


Our topic in term 5 was Pirates.

term5 006


In Science and DT we thought about which materials float and sink. We then used this knowledge to build a Pirate ship that had to float and also had to be able to hold 3 passengers (3 marbles). Every boat that was made managed to float!!

term5 008


We ended term 5 with a pirate dress up day. We used the tablets and beebots in the morning to play pirate games and guide the beebot to pirate treasure on a map. In the afternoon we had a pirate banquet!

term5 009 sm

 Term 4


In Term 4 we dressed up as our favourite sporting heroes for Sports Relief.

term4 001


 Term 3

Our topic in term 3 was ‘Brazil’. We learnt all about the Brazil Carnival and in PE we were taught how to Samba. We put this together with an Olympic themed dance and performed it to parents and the rest of the school. To help us look the part we designed a carnival headpiece.

 term3 001  term3 002


We had another fantastic Forest School session. As well as making dens and climbing trees, Forest school is a great time for us to work in teams and with people we don’t usually work with in the classroom!


term3 003 term3 004

We also had fun in Maths this year with our new Numicon sets. We realised how Numicon can help with so many aspects of maths!

term3 005

This year in Maple Class we have been thinking about the importance of reading and story-telling. We shared our favourite stories with each other and explained why we enjoy them so much. Sharing stories with friends is a great way of reading a variety of books.

term3 006


Term 1 


We have had a brilliant start to year 2. Our whole school topic this term was ‘Splish Splash’. In literacy we read ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and learnt all about Mr Grinling and the pesky seagulls who steal his lunch. First we learnt the story, we then changed a part and wrote our own version. We also read ‘Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary’. We thought about the features of diary writing and wrote our own. We also imagined what ‘Atlantis’ the underwater city would be like. We designed a poster to persuade people to visit our cities. WE then presented these to the rest of the class and Miss Kehoe videoed us.

term1 001


We have had Forest School this term and have once again loved every session. We have climbed trees, built dens, sketched clouds, made nature mobiles and much more! We love Forest School!!


term1 002 term1 003

term1 004 term1 005

term1 006 term1 007



We learnt about the different parts of a river. We then painted a river and labelled the features. We also used an atlas to find some famous rivers.

term1 008 term1 009


We had a water rotation day in our houses. We completed lots of different activities linked to water including a water quiz, singing water songs, using pastels to create a water picture and some scientific enquiries with water. It was lots of fun!





Term 3


During Term 3 we learnt all about India. We kick started the topic with a fun filled India Day across the school. The children got to try out yoga, henna painting, elephant collaging, constructing the Taj Mahal and Indian board games.




We learnt all about animals in India and produced some fantastic homework which we enjoyed sharing.


We also had a wonderful workshop on Bollywood dancing. We learnt a Bollywood dance and then performed it to parents in a special assembly.



During Term 4 we based all our learning around Knights and Castles. We have enjoyed learning lots about Wallingford Castle. We learnt all about who lived there and why it was pulled down. We made timelines and wrote a diary entry by Empress Matilda (we found it very funny that she escaped from Oxford Castle and ran to Wallingford Castle in her nightie). To finish our topic off we are going to visit Wallingford Castle, photos will follow.






In art we have learnt about all the parts of a castle and have made one from clay. They look fantastic!


Over this term we have done lots of brilliant work on energy. Check out what we have done on our eco page.


On World Book Day we brought in our favourite book. We shared why we liked it and then designed a new front cover and wrote a new blurb.




Term 2


During Term 2 we learnt all about ‘Fire’. Our history topic was all about The Great Fire of London. We made Tudor houses from recycled materials and then we recreated the Great Fire of London. It was so much fun!



We were so happy because it was our turn for Forest School. We learnt how to work well as a team!




We had the Life Education bus come to visit. They taught us all about feelings.



We made some bread like they did in Thomas Farriner’s bakery! It was yummy with some butter.


The class Christmas party was lots of fun too!



Wow, what a great start to term 1 Year 2. We have focussed most our learning around the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We started our learning journey by becoming storytellers, where we learnt the story of Little Red Riding Hood and then twisted it by changing the characters. We all helped to plan the story of Little Black Wolf and Big Bad Riding Hood. We even made puppets and told the story to Cherry Class.






We decided that poor Grandma would need a healthy snack to help her get better so we all made a fruit smoothie. We decided which fruit we would like in our smoothie and then we got to make them. The best part was tasting them!




   We learnt all about maps and symbols. First we made a map of our school ground and then we made a 3D map of the route Little Red Riding Hood took to Grandma’s house. They were very good.



In Science we learnt lots about plants. We dissected a plant to find out what it was made up of. We even got to use some scientific equipment. We then planned and carried out an investigation to find out what environment plants like to live in best. We found out that bean plants like to be warm and have plenty of water and sunlight. Although they did grow without sunlight but it didn’t look very healthy. Can you guess which one is which?




We also designed a seed packet for a ‘new found’ seed. We had to write how the seeds dispersed as well. Lots of our seeds used the wind to travel.


   We look forward to term 2 and sharing our learning journey with you!




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