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E.Y.F.S. Finch Class Curriculum Summer Terms 5&6 2017.



Topics: Let’s Explore: Animals/dinosaurs, rainforests, scientists, growth & journeys.  


Within these topic areas we will cover all the Foundation Stage Curriculum areas as detailed below.

The points/activities outlined are not exhaustive but will give a ‘flavour’ of the sorts of things the children will be doing this term. If you wish to find out more then please speak to a member of staff or have a look on the parents’ information board.







And Language



    Continued   re-enforcement of letter recognition, recall and formation. Regular speaking and listening opportunities.

  Development of phonic   skills leading to emergent or development of reading skills.

  Enjoyment of books through   individual or large/small group book making and sharing activities.

  Regular opportunities to   practise emergent writing.

  Regular handwriting practise.  







Dance/gym     activities around topic ideas.



Using large     play equipment outdoors



Hall/outdoors activities: games that     encourage spatial awareness, cooperation, running and catching games.



Begin to     understand the importance of being active and healthy life style choices.






Social and







Activities to     encourage independence, concentration, confidence and social skills such as     turn taking and sharing.



Learning     about and caring for living things.



Recognising     the need for agreed rules in order for the group to function     harmoniously.



Learning to     manage feelings and develop empathy for others.




  Recognition of numbers 1 to   20 then further beyond.

  Writing, ordering and   counting numbers.

  Identifying and naming   simple 2D/3D shapes.

  Sorting and matching.

  Development of mathematical   vocabulary.

  Combining sets and   beginning to understand simple addition.

  Begin to problem solve.

  Begin to relate subtraction   to taking away and counting how many are left.

  Begin to develop   understanding of measures ie time, capacity, length, weight and money.


Understanding the World


  Finding out about our own   environment and that of the wider world.

  Scientific exploration of   changes to materials, the environment and ourselves.

  Begin to notice patterns   and change, commenting on features that are liked/disliked.

  Find out about past and   present events in their own lives and that of family members.

  Using computer technology   to find information and explore programmable toys.

  Begin to understand our own   cultures and beliefs and know that these can be different from other groups’   beliefs.



Arts and



  Learning songs, nursery   rhymes and songs from Caterpillar Boogie and taking part in performances.

  Exploring colour and   different textures through paint and other media.

  Working collaboratively on   large pieces of art

  Explore safely a variety of   materials, tools and techniques.

  Use what has been learnt   and media & materials in a variety of ways, thinking about uses &   purposes.






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