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Barn Owls

Mrs Law – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning

Mrs Higgins – Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday



Assisted by Megan Lavender & Helen Sawyer


In 2016 we gave all our classes new names.  Our Year One class is now called Barn Owls, previously known as Cherry.



The main phonics scheme used by our Foundation and Key Stage One pupils is Jolly Phonics with other supporting materials.


curriculum map  timetable






Barn Owls2


A display showing some of our medieval shields and castles



Barn Owls1


Mrs Sawyer’s cardboard medieval candelabra for our topic, Castles and Dragons





Farmer Gows


farmergows1       Farmergows4          Farmergows3


Our February trip to Farmer Gows was chilly, but feeding the lambs and kids made

it worth it.







20161010 143720 sm

20161010 140734 sm


 Playing old-fashioned family games outside


Comparing old and new toys

20161010 140742 sm

20161028 203119 sm

 Sorting toys into an intersecting Venn diagram on the challenge table

Our new Rainbow Sight Words – the children are so keen to reach the next level

20161114 160200 sm  


A story map of The Magic Porridge Pot – we have learnt the story complete with actions!







Cherry Class - Year 1




Maths is fun Year 1    Spelling is fun Years 1&2



You can follow Cherry Class on Twitter @CherryClassBlog



Term 5


Image-1 2



In Terms 4 and 5 Cherry Class have had the topic "Castles", we  had a wonderful and very interesting trip to visit Wallingford Castle and have studied many facts to do with castles. We have also read and learnt two stories linked to a castle theme, using the Storytelling method. Culminating in a really long, good and successful piece of story writing, they all worked very hard! Well done Cherries!

term 4 2016 002 term 4 2016 003 term 4 2016 004





term 5 2016 001 sm Working hard writing our weekly diary entry showing how much the seedling changes.

term 5 2016 002 sm

"Jack and the Beanstalk ' water colour and writing display.

term 5 2016 003 sm

 Attempting to hold up our Pie Corbett style Rumpelstiltskin story map. It was rather long!

term 5 2016 005

 Word Work during Daily 5. Spin and blend.

term 5 2016 006 sm

 Music lessons with Mr Stanley.

term 5 2016 009

 My first Story Map.

term 5 2016 007 sm

How can we share the Queen's Birthday Cake between 24?

term 5 2016 004 sm

 Our Daily 5 Independence Chart. Just look at our reading stamina!

term 5 2016 008

 "Read to someone ' during Daily 5.







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